Hopkinton-Ft. Jackson Fire Department: 100% Volunteer- We are a 100% Volunteer Fire Department. Quite simply a group of neighbors who volunteer their time and energy training and preparing for that awful day when one of our neighbors might have to call on us.

For a full history of the Hopkinton-Fort Jackson Fire Department click HERE

Support- We exist from the support of our town and our neighbors. We thank you all for that support. Please continue your support so if you need to call we will be around to help.

The Hopkinton-Ft. Jackson Volunteer Fire Dept. is a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

Recruitment- If you think helping neighbors is something you might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to call or talk to one of our chiefs or members. Walking into a burning building not for you?… Remember putting on a mask and walking onto a burning is only part of what goes on at a fire scene. There are many many tasks that have to happen on a fire scene… all very important. Everything from manning the hose putting water on the fire, to supplying water to those hoses, to simply changing out bottles for those with empty air tanks… alot of tasks. Interested in helping… talk to someone and see if there might be a place for you.

Contact Us-
Hopkinton-Ft. Jackson F.D.
2876 State Hwy. 11B
Hopkinton, NY 12965
Phone: 315.328.4682
E-mail: hfjfd@slic.com

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