‘Ignore the screams… get to the quiet ones’: Paramedic tells how he had to steel himself as he entered a foyer full of dead and dying victims, including children, at the Manchester Arena.

The first paramedic to arrive at the Manchester Arena bombing recalled last night hearing ‘screams from all directions’ as he entered a foyer full of the dead and dying, including children.

Nothing in his training could have prepared father-of-three Paddy Ennis for the carnage he would witness as he reached the blast zone.

But fighting his instincts, the paramedic had to ignore those casualties who were pleading for help because, however horrific their injuries, their airways were clear and they could breathe.

‘The quiet ones were my first priority,’ he said. ‘Many others, tragically, were beyond any help.’

Paddy, 38, an advanced paramedic with North West Ambulance Service, was racked with emotion as he spoke exclusively to The Mail on Sunday to give a moving account of the night’s events. 

He told how the devastating scale of the bloodshed slowly dawned on him with each step he took towards the arena foyer where crazed suicide bomber Salman Abedi blew himself up on Monday evening.

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