Ada County Idaho

Standing Written Orders Ada County Paramedics' Standing Written Orders (SWO) are the procedures our paramedics and EMTs follow while working on emergency calls in the field. Our SWOs are the result of adherence to nationally-recognized guidelines, with input from local Emergency Medical Services and overseen by the medical directors of Ada County Emergency Medical System. [...]

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Online American Heart Association

The American Heart Association offers eLearning and Blended Learning courses to provide complete, flexible training solutions. Students are able to complete online training at their own pace and in less time, while companies and healthcare organizations can overcome obstacles such as scheduling, reaching remote employees and diverse learning styles. Find a Training Center - Learn [...]

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EMS is a critical component of the nation’s healthcare system. Indeed, regardless of where they live, work or travel, people across the United States rely on a sufficient, stable and well-trained workforce of EMS providers for help in everyday emergencies, large-scale incidents and natural disasters alike. EMS Education - Learn More EMS Workforce - Learn [...]

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